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California reveals electric vehicle grid plans

How do you integrate electric vehicles into the grid? The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) has released its blueprint that offers a roadmap to allowing electric cars to provide grid services and meet consumer needs.

There are three tracks outlined meant to assess how consumers use of electric vehicles could benefit electric reliability with California Governor Jerry Brown setting a target of 1.5million zero emission vehicles on the roads by 2025.

Electric Vehicle Grid Integration

So what does the roadmap consist of?

- Determine VGI value: This determines the value of the market potential for grid services enabled by VGI. It includes expressing its impact on the electricity system and identifying value streams and cost components.

- Develop policies, regulations and business processes: Includes defining wholesale and retail products, as well as programmes and associated policy.

- Support enabling technology development: Looks at the development of enabling technology such as standards that support communication, VGI aggregation and control requirements.

There are already a host of efforts under way in both the public and private sector meant to enable electric vehicle aggregation.

The roadmap is seen as the first step towards reaching the goal of electric vehicle aggregation in grid reliability. Annual workshops will begin in 2014 and will include vehicle-to-grid pilots with the Department of Defence and the new Electric Program Investment Charge program.

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