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Biodiesel production hits new high

The impact of biofuels in the vehicles we drive is clear for all to see: and now, according to new figures from the US Energy Information Administration, production of biodiesel has hit new heights.

According to the EIA's newly published figures for October 2013, biodiesel production in the US reached a record high of 132million gallons (around 500million litres). This placed it around five million gallons higher than during September.

Biodiesel Blend

Much of the US's biodiesel production is focused on the mid-west region - it makes up around 67 per cent of the total. Production comes from 112 biodiesel plants and they have a capacity of 2.2billion gallons a year.

Of note is that 92million gallons were sold as B100 - that is 100 per cent biodiesel; with an additional 41million gallons of B100 sold in biodiesel blends alongside diesel fuel derived from petrol.

It is estimated that 1,009 million pounds - that's around 458million kilos - of feedstocks were used to produce the biodiesel during the month, with soybean oil remaining the largest feedstock consumed.

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Paul Lucas

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