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Nissan celebrates 1,000% LEAF sales surge

With the news of a 25 per cent increase in the registrations of alternative fuel vehicle sales last month, Nissan reveals its fully electric LEAF was one of the major winners of the growing market. The electric family car saw sales surge a staggering 1,000 per cent last month in the UK, compared with the January 2013 when just 20 sold, to 230 units.

Overall, the market for fully electric cars increased 755.3 per cent last month, with the Nissan LEAF proving to be the market’s leader. Refreshed back in May 2013, the latest version boast more range, more choice, more rear legroom and faster home charging, helping to boost sales.

Nissan LEAF 2013 in white

First launched in the UK back in March 2011, Nissan recently celebrated its 3,000th UK LEAF sale  and shortly after, the 100,00th global sale, which coincidently went to a UK buyer; Hampshire-based Brett Garner.

The carmaker has also been celebrating the installation of its 1,000th CHAdeMO rapid charger around Europe, of which nearly 20 per cent are in the UK. Helping to make electric motoring more practical for all electric car drivers, Nissan’s chargers are now available at 195 locations around the UK including IKEA stores, motorway services stations and Nissan dealerships. These chargers can recharge an electric car to 80 per cent battery capacity in just 30 minutes – making long-distance journeys possible.

Jim Wright, Managing Director at Nissan Motor GB, said: “Momentum around the Nissan LEAF is growing with each passing month and that trend only looks like continuing.

“When we launched the LEAF we were the first manufacturer to bring an all-electric vehicle to market that was both practical and affordable and the success of the LEAF demonstrates we were right to do so.”

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Faye Sunderland

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