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First Tesla Model S to arrive in UK on June 7

Tesla has announced that the first right-hand drive Tesla Model S to come to the UK will arrive on June 7, with deliveries continuing throughout the summer.

The fully electric luxury saloon was first announced in 2008, and as more details have come to light, interest has heightened.  Capable of 0-62mph in a BMW M3-rivalling 4.2 seconds, as well as a top speed of 130mph and an impressive range of 300 miles between trips to the plug, the Model S is the first fully electric production car to be a serious competitor to the mighty Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Tesla Model S, Zurich, 31 January / 1 February 2013. James Lipman +44 7803 885275

With prices reaching an eye-watering £98,000, the Model S is more expensive than the S-Class, but when the Model S can be filled for as little as £5, the Tesla’s running costs will be much lower than the Mercedes’, allowing the owner to recoup some, if not all, of the extra outlay.

Britain has been relatively low in the pecking order for getting the Model S, as other European markets have been taking deliveries since August 2013, when Tesla’s Oslo store the first European Tesla shop to receive a car.  Despite this, sales on this side of the Atlantic have been fairly slow.  Global sales of the Model S surpassed 25,000 in December 2013, but only 148 of those were destined for Europe.

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