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USA offers $4.5 million fund to boost alternative fuel vehicles

The US government is offering up to $4.5 million of funding to ideas which could help increase the uptake of alternative fuel vehicles.

Part of its Clean Cities program, the funding will support any project that could help develop the acceptance and uptake of any alternative fuel vehicles, be they fully electric, plug-in hybrids, ethanol, Nissan LEAFs plugged inpropane, natural gas or flex-fuel models.

The program will support projects which operate in one of three categories; AFV demonstration projects; AFV safety-related training for first responders and the emergency preparedness.

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), between seven and 15 awards are expected to be made through this funding opportunity, with individual grants expected to range between $250,000 to $1 million.

The first area of funding will focus on increasing the number of drivers that can experience alternative fuel vehicles first-hand. Projects in this area could include car-sharing projects and commercial fleet leasing programs so that more drivers will understand AFV benefits and be more likely to purchase them.

Projects under the second area of funding will develop and/or deliver training on alternative fuel vehicles to emergency first responders, public safety officials, and automotive technicians. This area may fund in-person workshops and online training courses to educate these vital personnel on safely handling and responding to incidents involving alternative fuel vehicles.

The third area of funding will support efforts to incorporate alternative fuels into city, state and regional emergency management plans. As natural disasters often interrupt gasoline and diesel fuel supplies, alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure is being considered in the US for disaster relief and emergency response teams.

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